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    "Confessions of a Missionary"

    The life of a misisonary is often romatized about but the truth is being a misisonary is messy but amazing at the same time, its just life in a different part of the world. We found a great article by a girl who was serving overseas and really appreciated her honesty and passion for what she was doing so we thought we'd share it with you. 


    This is the life I’m called to.

    It’s freaking hard…
    but so worth it.
    Every single day I have to choose to forget my flesh and listen to my spirit.

    My flesh says I’m an idiot for choosing such a life.
    My spirit says I’ve never been so alive.

    Because of this,
    I submit my flesh to the Lord.
    I beg Him to tame me…

    Give me strength when I see death everywhere I look.
    Give me JOY as I walk for hours and wash my clothes in a bucket.
    Give me patience when people don’t want to hear the name of Jesus.
    Give me grace when all I want to do is get angry.
    Give me love for the snot nosed babies.

    Give me peace when I weep myself to sleep for such a broken country.

    Give me wisdom when I have no idea what to do.
    Give me your love for this place when I just want to run away.

    He is eager to answer my prayers…
    He’s already answered a ton of them.

    Clearly the missionary life isn’t pretty…

    But it’s so worth it.
    He calls the hot messes…
    the broken.
    He doesn’t need saints to change the world…
    Just willing spirits.
    Sometimes those willing spirits have to be whipped into shape…
    but he’s got it covered.

    Even when I don’t feel it,  He is good and uses me.


    Read the full article here

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    "Coming ‘Home’: When Missionaries Come Off the Field"

    I recently found an interesting article about how to help missionaries when they are moving back to their home country after being on the field. After, spending almost three years in Africa, I felt like a forigner in my own culture and I found articles like helpful because it provides helpful suggestions for both the  missionary and their supporters. 


    "When many missionaries come off the field, churches and families don’t know what to say and the missionaries themselves don’t know how to move forward.

    Those interviewed for this article represent a range of situations—decades of service and brief experiences, successful ministries and fruitless ventures, expulsion, burnout, family health issues, and redefined purposes. Despite their different circumstances, their responses were strikingly similar.

    There is a growing supply of research about why missionaries leave their fields and how to prevent undesirable attrition, but there isn’t much about how churches and individuals can help the missionary family standing right in front of them. Here is a start."


    Read the full article here

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    World Day of Social Justice

    See which Love Global missionaries have peace & justice as their main cause,

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    Reduced Fees

    We have some really exciting news for you; administration fees have been reduced. We are doing a two tiered system:

    8% for cheques 
    13% for credit cards 

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    The Justice Conference Surrey

    In just a couple of weeks The Justice Confrence Surrey will be taking place at Relate Church in Surrey. It is a two day event that focuses on creating a dialouge and action around justice related issues. The confrence is a live simulcaset of the Justice Confrence in Los Angeles. 

    Friday doors open at 5:00pm session starts at 6:00pm - 9:00pm  
    Saturday doors open at 7:30am conference begins at 8:30am – 4:30pm with dinner break. Evening begins at 6:30pm – 9:00pm. 


    For more information and to register click here

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    Change of Address for Mailing Cheques

    For all those who send donations via cheque, please note that all cheques made out to Love Global will now need to be mailed to:

    #3 T/C Plaza
    1335 Trans Canada Way SE
    Medicine Hat, AB, Canada
    T1B 1J1

    Thank you!

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    The Blessing of Raising Your Own Support

    A few days ago, missionary Manie Van den Heever posted about the difficulties and blessings of having to raise your own support.

    Here's a bit of what he had to say:

    "Serving in a ministry like ours, one can feel quite lonely at times, especially when faced with a crisis or need that you don’t even know where to begin trying to meet it. It is amazing to experience the love and help that the Lord raises up in times like those, often from a quarter where we would have not at all expected it. Then I realize all over again what a blessing it is to have people serving the Lord with us. So, I praise the Lord for putting us in a situation where we are forced, as it were, to share our lives with others, so we can know the blessing of many people being involved, not only in our lives, but in God’s work as a result."

    Read the full post here.

    What do you think? What are the biggest challenges and blessings that come with raising support for missions?

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