How It Works

Who can have a Love Global Missionary page?
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to visit, explore and join the Love Global community, however, only Christian missionaries and ministry workers are able to create a Love Global Missionary page. Missionaries can apply for a page here at While our primary aim is to provide pages for indigenous workers and outlier missionaries, churches, mission organizations and others can also apply.

Affiliations, or lack thereof
Love Global Foundation is not affiliated with any one denomination, church, or sending organization in particular. While we do abide by a very clear and defined Statement of Faith, Love Global seeks to serve all Christian missionaries.

Credibility and Accountability
Love Global works hard to be a foundation you can trust. That’s why:


The Love Global Foundation sends 87% or 92% of all money donated to missionaries directly to the workers in the field. The remaining 8% or 13% of funds is used to cover all administrative fees incurred (wiring money, website management, etc.). We charge 8% for cheques and 13% for online donations. 

How the Money is Sent
For missionaries with an existing Canadian charity we send the money directly from our Foundation to the Charity as a grant directed for the specific missionary and their project. For missionaries without an existing Canadian charity, we set up what's called an Agency Agreement through the Great Commission Foundation. We send the money from our Foundation to the Great Commission Foundation and they wire the money all around the world to those people doing amazing works.

Tax Receipts
When you make a donation on our site the system automatically sends you a year-end tax receipt from the Love Global Foundation, which is a registered Canadian foundation.