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Building Another House in Cambodia???

the very first Steps of Justice Hope House in Cambodia

the very first Steps of Justice Hope House in Cambodia

Hebrews 12: 1-3  Discipline in a Long-Distance Race (The Message)
..Get on with it. Strip down, start running—and never quit!...Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we're in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed—that exhilarating finish in and with God—he could put up with anything along the way: Cross, shame, whatever...When you find yourselves flagging in your faith, go over that story again, item by item, that long litany of hostility he plowed through. That will shoot adrenaline into your souls!

Dear Friends,
Warm greetings from wet, cherry blossom-filled Vancouver. The verse above speaks to us this week as we remind ourselves to persevere towards the goals that have been set before us. Soapmaking progress has been slow amongst Wade's commitments to a new part-time job to help with our debt reduction, to YWAM, and our family. The big fancy business plan is complete and you can download it HERE. Parenting-wise we’re experiencing some challenges this week and would especially appreciate your prayers for this. Joanna is feeling the “discipline in a long-distance race” as she continues her half-marathon training for the race May 6 to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We celebrated what God has done in and through the YWAM DTS team who returned this week from 2 months in SE Asia. We had the privilege of training them and it was a joy to hear their reports.

Our main reason for writing today is a matter of some urgency. Wade has been invited to return to Cambodia again this year to help lead the Steps of Justice team in June, and we have been notified that flights are filling now and we need to make a decision about booking by this Thursday. This deadline has crept up on us, and we think your response to this letter will help us clarify our next steps. This trip will follow the same format of past Steps trips by building a house & connecting with organizations working for long-term change in the nation to educate our team participants and support long term workers on the ground. Many of the organizations mentioned in this recent series in the Vancouver Sun on sex tourism in Cambodia are the same ones Wade and the team will be meeting with.

Wade’s trip to Cambodia last year was amazing (see videos here) and we’ve learned that since the Steps team built the first house, locals and long term workers have built 6 more houses on the same street. The locals are calling it “Hope Street”. This feels very full circle for us. Joanna is running in memory of our dear friend Renee, who died of Leukemia in 2008 at the age of 23. Renee was a YWAMer who gave her heart away to the people of Cambodia during her work there. When she returned to Canada, she had the Khmer word for “HOPE” tattooed on her ankle. We had the terrible privilege of officiating at her funeral, and Wade spoke about what character it took for Renee to look at Cambodia and distill the word HOPE from it. And now Wade is preparing to go back to build more houses on Hope Street while Jo trains to run in Renee’s memory.

The main factor in our decision making this week is that we feel it would be ideal for Joanna to be able to join Wade in Asia at the end of this trip to go to Thailand for the first time. This will impact what tickets we book for Wade and the dates, hence needing to decide this week what we will do. This season is one of preparation for us and it would be very helpful for Joanna to go to Thailand before we move the whole family there on a long-term basis. We would like to be in Thailand for about a week. The children would stay with Joanna’s family in B.C.

Would you be willing to help sponsor this trip? Wade has part of his airfare covered as a leader of the team. His remaining airfare and ground fees will be approx $1000. Joanna’s flights would be approx $1700.  We are not comfortable with putting this trip on our credit card without knowing there are gifts pledged to cover it. Even you are not able to give this week, if you can commit to a gift before the end of the month, it would help us to know this week that one will be coming. Of course all gifts given through Youth With A Mission are tax deductible.

There are so many ways you express your support for our family and our work. Would you consider investing in what is happening in Cambodia today, and what will happen in Thailand in the (hopefully) near future through our family? We are honoured to be your missionaries. Thanks for adopting us however you can...

Hug, hug, kiss, kiss...
Wade, Joanna, Sophia, Eleanor, and Pax

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