Erin Thomas on Compassion Fatigue

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Erin Thomas is an "abolitionist seeking to create a community of sacred space, healing and family" for Canadian youth exploited in the sex trade. This week she opened up about the difficult realities of pursuing her vision to abolish slavery in Canada.

"As I reported last week, because of a shift in immigration law, adult entertainment moguls in Canada are looking to recruit domestically. The media has reported this week that Ms.Smith [Conservative MP], in her bid to create a sustained defence for our youth, has failed. Barely any outrage was announced... or at least not enough to warrant the message that Canada does not want their teenage girls and boys recruited as strippers, madames, and porn stars.

Why is that? When I read about the lack of reaction, my own reaction gave me at least a partial answer. I felt: "Yeah... we'll fight this. Just let me get some sleep, ok?"

The Olympics. Aurora, Colorado. Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Syria. Sudan. Chick-Fil-A. Do you feel as fatigued as I do?

Compassion fatigue. We all get it. We all feel it.

While I in no way want to minimize the mounting culture design that tells our children that sex for sale is "sexy" and "cool", I understand that some days the reaction to what's happening around us needs to be tempered... and slept on. Don't drop the torch... don't lapse into apathy... but we need retreat -- sacred places and spaces where we can recharge and return to the fray renewed.

So for tonight... pray with me for funds and for beds. A small place for a small group looking ourselves to be transformed -- a small seed in a big world that sometimes seems too dark to dwell in."

To read more about Erin's fight for justice, check out her page here.

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