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After travelling to Jamaica as tourists and being struck by the poverty and need, Frank & Elsie O'Brien packed up their lives and began full-time ministry in Jamaica. As some of you may know, they've suffered from personal sickness and loss in the past few months, yet as they prepare to return to Jamaica, their hearts remain fixed on their island community. They recently shared this story of 11-year old Matthew who needs a new home:

"We met Mathew during a walk through the community. He started to come to the Mission house on a regular basis and attended Sunday school and VBS as well. Mathew was often left alone in the 8/8 home he shared with his mother. Many nights we would see her dressed up on her way to town and shortly after Mathew would show up at the house. He was always hungry and spent many nights at the Mission house because we were afraid to let him stay at home alone. His mother came to us one Sat. to tell us he had run away the day before and she had no idea where he was. After a long search I found him hiding in the jungle and brought him back to the house where Elsie fed him and we reunited him with his mom. Many times she has asked us to take Mathew and keep him full time. We are trying, even being so far away to find him a safe place to live. There are many like Mathew that we are attempting to help so please pray that God will give us the wisdom and resources to reach as many as possible."

To learn more about Matthew's story and how you can help, check out Frank & Elsie's page here.

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