A mother and her baby - Opportunities to bless

Mother and child (not the mother in this story)

Mother and child (not the mother in this story)

There are often opportunities to help out someone in need or to invest in short or long term projects. When it is possible I use any extra monthly funds to invest in these opportunities.

For Example:

Two months ago our neighbour, a mother with a 4month old baby, came to our house asking for help or if we knew of an ngo that could help her. She needed 2500 baht ($83 Can) to travel back to her husband and other children inside her country. Her husband had finished his construction contract and had gone back with the children and the wife planned to follow later (I'm not sure of the reason). The wife was being evicted from the bamboo house they had been living in during the construction job and she had no food to eat except what her friends brought to her. A few days later her electricity was also cut off. Because of your support I was able to donate a flashlight to her and bring her dinner.

My roommate and I discussed her situation, and decided she was being honest. We shared the cost of what she was asking for and two days later she was able to leave and follow to her her husband and other children.

So, I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to bless others.


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