The Blessing of Raising Your Own Support

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A few days ago, missionary Manie Van den Heever posted about the difficulties and blessings of having to raise your own support.

Here's a bit of what he had to say:

"Serving in a ministry like ours, one can feel quite lonely at times, especially when faced with a crisis or need that you don’t even know where to begin trying to meet it. It is amazing to experience the love and help that the Lord raises up in times like those, often from a quarter where we would have not at all expected it. Then I realize all over again what a blessing it is to have people serving the Lord with us. So, I praise the Lord for putting us in a situation where we are forced, as it were, to share our lives with others, so we can know the blessing of many people being involved, not only in our lives, but in God’s work as a result."

Read the full post here.

What do you think? What are the biggest challenges and blessings that come with raising support for missions?

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  • Mark Promod
    Mark Promod December 26, 2013
    I really like the concept, difficulties and blessings of having to raise your own support. This is the Biblical Principle which was practiced by the Disciples of Jesus, Apostle Paul himself admonishes the Church he pioneered to raise the support and do the work of Christ. The same he practiced... PRAISE THE LORD
  • keijo
    keijo December 15, 2013
    God are very wise to make us fruitful and oppportune to sow our seed in hope and in faith and alot talents to make more talents and joy too and to Glory for God for Jesus blood sake, thanks and bless and win and be happy and pray,keijo sweden
  • chirstoft
    chirstoft December 11, 2013
    Its great idea to share your blessing and I have other option too, why not visit us at to discuss this.

    God Bless!

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