"Confessions of a Missionary"

The life of a misisonary is often romatized about but the truth is being a misisonary is messy but amazing at the same time, its just life in a different part of the world. We found a great article by a girl who was serving overseas and really appreciated her honesty and passion for what she was doing so we thought we'd share it with you. 


This is the life I’m called to.

It’s freaking hard…
but so worth it.
Every single day I have to choose to forget my flesh and listen to my spirit.

My flesh says I’m an idiot for choosing such a life.
My spirit says I’ve never been so alive.

Because of this,
I submit my flesh to the Lord.
I beg Him to tame me…

Give me strength when I see death everywhere I look.
Give me JOY as I walk for hours and wash my clothes in a bucket.
Give me patience when people don’t want to hear the name of Jesus.
Give me grace when all I want to do is get angry.
Give me love for the snot nosed babies.

Give me peace when I weep myself to sleep for such a broken country.

Give me wisdom when I have no idea what to do.
Give me your love for this place when I just want to run away.

He is eager to answer my prayers…
He’s already answered a ton of them.

Clearly the missionary life isn’t pretty…

But it’s so worth it.
He calls the hot messes…
the broken.
He doesn’t need saints to change the world…
Just willing spirits.
Sometimes those willing spirits have to be whipped into shape…
but he’s got it covered.

Even when I don’t feel it,  He is good and uses me.


Read the full article here

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  • Paul John T May 02, 2014
    It's really an invaluable index of a committed Christian soldier.In my formative days I felt the same way and could overcome by my Master's close walk and counsel.I wish all the best for a an invincible missionary walk!
  • Kunle Adenipekun
    Kunle Adenipekun April 19, 2014
    For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.- 2 Corinthians 4:17
  • jayaprakash nagendar
    jayaprakash nagendar April 18, 2014
    we will deffenetly stand for our god lord jesus way.thank you all accrosse the globe.happy good friday to all.thank you.
  • micheal
    micheal April 05, 2014
    lets gooooooooooo
  • Bishop John SDR Nakka
    Bishop John SDR Nakka April 05, 2014
    CERTAINLY !!! This is the REAL life of a Missionary. Late Rev.A.B.Masilamani, a Baptist Minister has said the same some decades ago and wrote a Psalm and that Psalm is a very popular in the State of Andhra Pradesh. May God leads, guides and bless her and her ministry abundantly.
  • jayaprakash nagendar
    jayaprakash nagendar April 04, 2014
    give our children s to health when i weep my self to pain such a broken mothers.god keep our country.
  • keijo
    keijo March 31, 2014
    Amen i will be used of the Lord more and more with powerful the Holy Spirit with me in miracles and be bold to win alot the people to Christ and heal the sick and be glory to God in alot duty in blessing and inlove from the Lord ,thanks and bless and pray ,keijo sweden

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