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For those in the Vancouver area, May 3-4 I AM FILMMAKER.ca is putting on a workshop targeted at mission personnel wishing to improve video communication skills as well as emerging Christian filmmakers. Emphasis will be on communicating your story back to church, family, friends and supporters.

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  • jayaprakash nagendar
    jayaprakash nagendar July 31, 2014
    good,i need your co oparaion.thank you.
  • Pastor Albert
    Pastor Albert July 11, 2014
    Hello brothers in Christ,

    Greetings to you all and may the lord be with you. My name is pastor Albert from Cameroon,Africa and by the grace of God I am a pastor of a small church(Elect Embassy) of about 150-200 Christians.The church has been functioning smoothly for few years now but recently we have been facing some difficulties to expand since we are welcoming new brethren frequently who just embraced the lord. So we find it difficult to expand since we are on rent and do not own a church building. So the present building where we rent can not take all the Christians to church and thus this makes it unpleasant for some christian to make it to church.The situation is very severe especially now its a the rainy season here. So the major problem we face now is a permanent church building that can take all the Christians during service. There are other problems we are facing like holding crusades due to lake of finance musical instruments ect.please brethren, as a burden to execute the work of God and make the gospel reach every corners of the world, please we wait for your respond by email. God bless you all
  • Richard Lee Ssekitoleko
    Richard Lee Ssekitoleko July 09, 2014
    Dear Filmmaker,
    Thanks so much for the great work you are doing to the Nation. I request you kindly to organize such workshop in Africa in order for African countries to improve on there skills too. it can be some how easy traveling in Africa than going to Vancouver thanks may the Lord reward you.
    Richard lee from Uganda.
  • Rev.Stanley
    Rev.Stanley July 09, 2014
    Dear Sir

    we are involving with poverty eliminated activities and church
    ministry as well and every home crusades and desable welfare and other social activities just like strengthen women and orphan & widows among thousands we intouch with them .

    honestly we are working for the end of poverty around the Nations of your sincere prayers.

    warm welcome to you all as well we would love to work with you if you could give us oppertunity of film making and related activities of workshops and seminars.

    see more details,

    God Bless You Bountifully.

    looking forward

    kind regards
    Executive Director
  • James W. Mhone
    James W. Mhone July 08, 2014
    I just like the program. May you please send me details.
  • Premkumar MP
    Premkumar MP May 29, 2014
    Please send the details of your activities.
    Premkumar MP
    Pearl Group of Media
    Cochin, India
  • Kellson
    Kellson May 03, 2014
    I just finished a course in digital film making for this purpose and I am also in Theater and we have alter calls after our stage plays
    REV SANJIV PARMARTH May 02, 2014
    Its exciting to learn about your work. We in rural India need your assistance about how to improve our presentation and reporting. May God guide and use you for us
  • Peace Benson May 02, 2014
    Hello Filmmaker am Peace Benson in Uganda Masindi district located in western Uganda,am really eager to see the missionary work done in my region but i haven't gotten any chance yet.Please pray for my people in my village cause we lack churches for the long distance churches which are located in the Urban Areas,my people would love to listen to the word of God preached to the,its a blessing ,God bless you when you put it into your consideration
  • TOM OPIYO May 02, 2014
    Dear Filmmaker, Glory to God. I ask you to organize a workshop for missionary affiliates in Kenya Africa so that missionaries like us can also be empowered to effectively communicate with others in our work. God bless you for the great work
  • hello ,am missionary Benard Carry Ondieki,I request you to pray for us and join us for the work of God we are doing in kenya.

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