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For those in the Vancouver area, May 3-4 I AM FILMMAKER.ca is putting on a workshop targeted at mission personnel wishing to improve video communication skills as well as emerging Christian filmmakers. Emphasis will be on communicating your story back to church, family, friends and supporters.

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  • house of hope
    house of hope August 10, 2014
    We are extending our warm welcome to you to come to our region in India for visit orphan children and conduct seminars, crusades and conventions.

    House of hope
  • house of hope
    house of hope August 10, 2014
    Dear beloved
    Greetings to you in the most highly exalted Name of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! I am Pastor Christopher from INDIA. Especially God has put in me a great burden for orphan children in India. I want share with you about orphan children. Here such these orphans are increasing day by day at a rapid rate. Because of their family disorganized conditions in the lapse of their beloved parents, and due to the disaster conditions of natural calamities, these orphans are generation on geometrical progression. Here these groups of victims called as "parking boys." , "Young rashvels", as "poison". Generally parking boys shall pass on their time at public places, like bus stops, railway stations and at some enterprises centers like petrol bunks. They struggled entire day for their owners, where they are accustomed with insufficient food. The young rashvels shall wonder on stress where they are starring for days in a week.The poison shall work in the fields of the landlords.But they are existing with quite Discontent towards their Diane needs, With such background these helpless buds are becoming as habitual criminals. As a mater of fact nowadays in India these victims are becoming as powerful criminals and anti social elements. Lack of proper family treatment, and at the dissatisfied conditions 0f their dairy needs, they are mounding like this. Of course it is one of the contemporary problem of our society. On seeing the practical conditions of them every human being shall feel sympathy at them. For sometimes these orphan children are competing with dogs at the dustbins. During the feasts of wealthy people. Here on our territory every person shall glance of his or her bitter and panic conditions, but nobody shall come forward to host them. It is the most disgraceful feature on the humanity in this world. Now
    computers and high technologies are developed are satisfactory ways, but no pity is coming from this sophisticated society towards these helpless victims. Really I pitted much on their existed
    conditions, and I proposed and planned to start an orphanage for the upliftment of the such helpless children according to the scripture James 1:27. Being a Christian I used to take my personal decisions according to Bible. It states that "Religion that is pure and undefiled before god and the father is this to visit orphans and windows in their affection and to keep oneself unstained from the world" James 1.27. These words impressed me much, where I decided to take the responsibility of such helpless children. Now it is running on cordial lines as per the grace of our Almighty. My funds are already exhausted. Now I am quite helpless by
    financial. In fact for some times I am unable to provide full pledged food at least. These kinds some nights wakeup suddenly they cry and weep for food. But I am sustaining with penniless conditions.If I go to my Church people in offerings any assistance, they are also existing under financial frustration. So I am in dialomo in operating our orphanage. I am praying to go in order
    to acquire any heavenly support from any side. Since all these days I am searching for a heavenly person like you in order to look into the need of our orphan children. I believe that God had kindly chosed you for our task on my territory, and I am in storing belief of that our orphan kids may kindly be benefited at your majesty. Little support extended by you shall save the lives of our orphan children, and it shall be the heavenly blessing for you. You kindly look into the arising need of me on behalf of our orphanage. You graciously pass on this message to all
    of your friends and people those who working along with you.You try to support us on our arising need. At least you kindly inform me the address of some other heavenly person, so as to obtain
    the necessary support. Our orphan children are heartily sending then love and kisses to you. When I talk to them about this letter, they prayed to in tears so as to motivate you by God
    on their need. You never forget of our orphan children. They shall be grateful to you on your kind support.Finally I state that being a devotive and dedicated Christian I am quite accountable in the Court of our mighty heavenly God. Until my blood is red I never louse of my firm faith in God.
    Now I am concluding this letter by thanking you in the prestigious name of our Lord Jesus. I, our orphan children, and our church people are all prayerfully, and hopefully awaiting at your
    gracious reply in the matter. My Christian love shall be open your

    I am waiting for your reply whole heartedly. I am
    expecting soon reply in this regard. Thanking you.
    Yours together for the Lord's work in India,
    Pastor S.Christopher

    Our email adders --- houseofhope_indiaministry@rediffmail.com
  • Rev.David Samuel
    Rev.David Samuel August 06, 2014
    Dear sir in Christ, greetings to you. I am Pastor .David Samuel from India, founded a mission called Indian Rural Gospel Mission.
    Ours is a small mission called Indian Rural Gospel Mission (IRGM) that involve in evangelism, out-reach, Bible school and church planting, and community development social service, safe and clean water, solar light facility and orphanage and adult literacy for tribal community and win the soul through peace and justice since 2006.

    We work with victims’ groups through peace and justices, our ultimate goal is win the soul and making them the Disciples of Christ and plant the churches through peace and justice.
    When there are million and millions of people yet to be evangelized in huge land of India; how can we take rest? When the thousand and thousands of people going towards the burning hell; how can we Christian be silent? Unless we reach them by the Gospel they are going to be perished.
    So As a small foundation with limited resources we seek your prayer, guidance, resource, fellowship, partnership, training, support, network volunteers, affiliation and financial support etc,
    If you need further detail about our mission, we can send to you more detail,
    Kindly invite you to visit our ministry, we can offer you a simple food and accommodation for your mission trip. And also arrange special meeting for you in order to make your mission trip fruitful Also we are interest to know about your activities that you able to share with us for the glory of God.
    Looking to get further best information from you.
    Thanking you.
    Yours lovingly

  • Rev. Augustine Hampton
    Rev. Augustine Hampton August 05, 2014
    I wish to be a missionary, and to work for the Love Global Foundation.
    It is a great thing if I am to work for Christ, by spreading the Gospel in other places where the good news had not reached . Right now , I hope to establish a church in Monrovia ,Liberia but due to spread of Ebola, I can not make go back home.
    So please tell me how can I be part of this organization?
    I will be glad if you can furnished me with all details that are require.
    Rev. Augustine Hampton
  • Paster.Calvin omondi August 02, 2014
    Praise the Lord filmmaker? i am so exited ,i am requesting you to come to my area in Africa,kenya,kendu bay town to check what the lord needs us to join hold our hands together to give the word to the communities who are Vulnerable,in my ministries i have alots of orphans,widows and aging,come and visit my church so that you can witness in our service,you are most welcome .visit our website:temayoselfhelpgroup.webs.com or email us temayo.selfhelpgroup@gmail.com
  • Johnson Kanduri
    Johnson Kanduri August 02, 2014
    Praise the Lord
  • Bishop wendell
    Bishop wendell August 02, 2014
    Films are relevant and essentials in missions as I experienced, but since films and projector on our trip for evangelism at mansaka tribe at Davao province, Philippines we are not to recover one. Therefore I am interested to this, and praying that you can support us. God bless.
  • micheal sirtich
    micheal sirtich August 01, 2014
    thanks for filmmaker for considering to communicate with churches,family and friends.Iam pastor michael sirtich from KENYA,=-AFRICA.How will we make to have filmmaker Workshop in kenya at Grace of Delivarence Ev.church.Because it is good to as for the purpose of the kingdom of GOD.
  • pastor George john
    pastor George john August 01, 2014
    Greeting in the Name of Jesus Christ!

    Dear Brother and Sisters In Christ, Samoos Bible Care Ministries Pakistan (SBCMP) is a non profit, nondenominational Christian ministry working for the spread of the Gospel in Pakistan. We are working for this mission since the year 2004. In a period of only few years we have done an extensive work to send the gospel out in Pakistan. We live in a very backward and underdeveloped area of Punjab where people are illiterate, not only in the formal and non formal education, but as well as in the knowledge of the Word of God.

    To get the Gospel to the people who need it, we have Sunday prayers. Also, we organize open-air prayer meetings in the surrounding areas where no pastor or evangelists are going with the Gospel. This way we are reaching those people who have never heard the Bible before.

    Our vision is to reach the unreached millions of Pakistan through gospel crusades, evangelistic out-reaches, literature out-reach, mass media, native missionaries; and also through planting a dynamic church in every out-reached community – along with the least-evangelized areas of Pakistan that do not have a gospel witness.

    Out Activities are: Crusades, Healing Meetings, Revival Meetings, Leadership Seminars, Women Prayer Meeting, Widows Care, Orphans Care Sunday School, Outreach Evangelism, Free Bibles Distribution and helping natural disaster effected people etc.

    Here, I would like to explain some facts about Pakistan. Pakistan is the third largest Islamic nation in the world, with more than 150 million souls. 97.2 % of the population is Muslim. Christians make up just 2 % of the population; and these people suffer more than any other ethnic or religious group. Pakistan is in the very heart of the 10/40 Window – the geographic area where 95 % of the un-reached people of the world live. Between India and Afghanistan, Pakistan is a strategic nation. Since the September 11 attack, Pakistan has become the focus of the world. Pakistan is a country with different cultures, languages, people groups, economical backgrounds, etc. Pakistan has a desperate need for assistance in evangelism, Church planting, literature outreach, leadership training, and strengthening of the local Church. 97 % of the newly planted churches and new believers need a place to worship and fellowship. A shortage of Bibles, Gospel literature, faith-based books, leaders, and training material makes it difficult for Christians in Pakistan to grow in their faith and to sustain their relationship with Christ. More than half of Pakistan’s population has never heard about Jesus. Pakistan is an Islamic country, ruled by Islamic law. Christians of Pakistan make quite a sizable population, with more than 10 million souls. But they have to face religious discrimination, religious intolerance, oppression, social subjugation, and economic deprivation. Therefore, Christians are generally less privileged and backward. A growing body of believers continually struggles under government persecution; because it is officially illegal for Muslims to convert to Christianity. Since the country’s blasphemy law was created in 1991, an offended Muslim can accuse a Christian on almost any grounds. False and arbitrary accusations of speaking against the Quran or Muhammad are a common practice by Muslim fundamentalists. In the persecuted environment of Pakistan, 90% of the churches are not very well established. The majority of existing churches need buildings for fellowship, as they meet in open air. Native missionaries make great sacrifices for the sake of the Gospel. Many times, they go without food; and they travel hundreds of kilometers just to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ. In some parts of Pakistan, Muslim fundamentalists attack the missionaries, and they are forced to put off their work as well as their faith. Please keep them in your prayers as they seek to faithfully serve the Lord under great hardship.

    Your Fellow Worker in Pakistan.
    Pastor George John.
  • henry
    henry August 01, 2014
    Great work done.
  • jayaprakash nagendar
    jayaprakash nagendar July 31, 2014
    good,i need your co oparaion.thank you.
  • Pastor Albert
    Pastor Albert July 11, 2014
    Hello brothers in Christ,

    Greetings to you all and may the lord be with you. My name is pastor Albert from Cameroon,Africa and by the grace of God I am a pastor of a small church(Elect Embassy) of about 150-200 Christians.The church has been functioning smoothly for few years now but recently we have been facing some difficulties to expand since we are welcoming new brethren frequently who just embraced the lord. So we find it difficult to expand since we are on rent and do not own a church building. So the present building where we rent can not take all the Christians to church and thus this makes it unpleasant for some christian to make it to church.The situation is very severe especially now its a the rainy season here. So the major problem we face now is a permanent church building that can take all the Christians during service. There are other problems we are facing like holding crusades due to lake of finance musical instruments ect.please brethren, as a burden to execute the work of God and make the gospel reach every corners of the world, please we wait for your respond by email. God bless you all
  • Richard Lee Ssekitoleko
    Richard Lee Ssekitoleko July 09, 2014
    Dear Filmmaker,
    Thanks so much for the great work you are doing to the Nation. I request you kindly to organize such workshop in Africa in order for African countries to improve on there skills too. it can be some how easy traveling in Africa than going to Vancouver thanks may the Lord reward you.
    Richard lee from Uganda.
  • Rev.Stanley
    Rev.Stanley July 09, 2014
    Dear Sir

    we are involving with poverty eliminated activities and church
    ministry as well and every home crusades and desable welfare and other social activities just like strengthen women and orphan & widows among thousands we intouch with them .

    honestly we are working for the end of poverty around the Nations of your sincere prayers.

    warm welcome to you all as well we would love to work with you if you could give us oppertunity of film making and related activities of workshops and seminars.

    see more details,

    God Bless You Bountifully.

    looking forward

    kind regards
    Executive Director
  • James W. Mhone
    James W. Mhone July 08, 2014
    I just like the program. May you please send me details.
  • Premkumar MP
    Premkumar MP May 29, 2014
    Please send the details of your activities.
    Premkumar MP
    Pearl Group of Media
    Cochin, India
  • Kellson
    Kellson May 03, 2014
    I just finished a course in digital film making for this purpose and I am also in Theater and we have alter calls after our stage plays
    REV SANJIV PARMARTH May 02, 2014
    Its exciting to learn about your work. We in rural India need your assistance about how to improve our presentation and reporting. May God guide and use you for us
  • Peace Benson May 02, 2014
    Hello Filmmaker am Peace Benson in Uganda Masindi district located in western Uganda,am really eager to see the missionary work done in my region but i haven't gotten any chance yet.Please pray for my people in my village cause we lack churches for the long distance churches which are located in the Urban Areas,my people would love to listen to the word of God preached to the,its a blessing ,God bless you when you put it into your consideration
  • TOM OPIYO May 02, 2014
    Dear Filmmaker, Glory to God. I ask you to organize a workshop for missionary affiliates in Kenya Africa so that missionaries like us can also be empowered to effectively communicate with others in our work. God bless you for the great work
  • hello ,am missionary Benard Carry Ondieki,I request you to pray for us and join us for the work of God we are doing in kenya.

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